Using WCFExtras for Silverlight Applications

Sep 6, 2010 at 4:36 PM

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully somebody can help me, I have created a WCF service using WCFExtras as I need to add additional headers from the client. My client is Silverlight 3.0, I have tried as per mentioned on this website for Server side and Client-side configuration but couldn't make it work. Please if you can give me some example which can help me.

Additionally, I am generating a proxy for my WCF and add those 2 files in my Silverlight application, I cannot reference WCFExtras.dll as it is not SL compiled, I have taken reference from "To generate a client proxy that is aware of SOAP headers declared on the server" under client configuration.

Eagerly waiting for a response, I will be really thankful to you guys.